Outland Design

The company and the people behind it

Founded by Beau Wade in 1997, Outland Design was formed with a goal of bringing together the various elements of our clients’ branding, marketing and communications under one roof, with a unified creative direction. This integrated approach, and a thorough understanding of each client allows us to deliver unheard-of levels of consistency, and cross-media continuity.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

We are a unique company, with a unique one-on-one approach to our business. The Outland Design team takes the time to learn all we can about each client. Marketing and branding campaigns are not invented, they are built from the ground up based on what we know about your company. Our years of experience have taught us to ask the right questions, and to use the answers to communicate effectively on behalf of our clientele.

Melbourne, Australia

Our team consists of a group of experienced professionals in the fields of marketing, technology, design, software development and broadcasting. Combining these talents allows Outland Design to deliver consistent results, and to do so consistently.


Beau Wade

Beau Wade

Founder, Senior User Experience and Visual Designer, Oklahoma City, OK

Jessie Hogin

Jessie Hogin

Designer, Editor, Oklahoma City, OK

Jeremy Sanders

Jeremy Sanders

Designer, Melbourne, Australia

Erick Thoms

Erick Thoms

Developer, New York City


Xavier Melendez

Co-Founder and COO / Sweet Sadie, Inc

Beau is one of those rare web designers that has the innate ability to capture the essence of a targeted marketing or branding theme perfectly in his designs. His creative has been know to cut past the clutter of the everyday to pass on the marketing message as needed. He is a true hybrid designer, with the knack of designing pixel perfect interfaces that are clean and highly usable all while having the ability to extend the designs to HTML. I would welcome the chance to work with him again.

Darci Warner

Entrepreneur / Media & Retail Production / Gregg Baker Management Co.

Beau did a great job on my website design. I gave him the idea of how I wanted the site to feel and what it was about. Then he came back with this great design layout that I just loved. He picked the colors and how it all coordinated together with a simple interface for the user. I have received many compliments about how the website looks. Beau also knows higher back-end applications for business needs. It’s hard to find the combination with great skills in graphics and coding and Beau has it!

Clare Le Fevre

Head of Busness Development / Scaffa Ltd

Beau designed and implemented a web site for a charity event in the UK, the event benefited from his photography skills as well as his web design skills and the site enabled many people to hear about and engage with the event. The web design knowledge and insight he brought to the event planning meetings was very valuable.

Gaye (Deakins) Bredemeier

Vice President of New Business Development / Our365, Inc.

I am pleased to provide a professional reference for Beau Wade. Beau is a very creative individual and was a major contributor to the design and launch of the Our365 website. If you are looking for a team player with a very high level of creative talent, I am happy to recommend Beau.

Allison (Dunn) Hirsch

Matchmaker & Director Client Services / NYCity Matchmaking

I've had the pleasure of working with Beau since I've been employed at Our365 (one year in November). He is not only a delight to work with but is bi-lingual (he speaks "tech-ese" and English) which as a sales person I found especially invaluable. All kidding aside, Beau is quick, talented, creative and efficient. He always makes his deadlines but never sacrifices the integrity of the design. Beau would be an excellent addition to any team and I'm sorry to no longer have access to his talents.

Brian Loube

Partner, Managing Director / Digital Pulp NYC

Beau is exactly the kind of designer any Web project should have on their team. He's got a terrific design talent and great ideas, but as a consummate team player, he's good at listening and responding to feedback with smart solutions. What's more - unlike most designers - Beau has great technical knowledge and ability to build the things he designs. These days when the economy is tight and companies are challenged, you want people on your team who can wear many hats and deliver a lot of great work without complications -- Beau is just that kind of person.

Barbara Aria

Content Lead & Strategist / Senior Planet

Beau is a very talented designer and is also a pleasure to collaborate with. He combines high degrees of creativity and professionalism, and makes every effort to help others do their jobs as well as he does his.

Randi Schatz

President / AVENUE Media

Beau is a talented designer who was a vital member of the team that launched www.our365.com. Beau is a team player and was a pleasure to work with.

Charley Schmitz

Owner / E Beyond Inc.

I've kept in touch with Beau since we worked together. His background and experience is pretty amazing. He has grown significantly as a creative director/producer through his time at American Express and his other global positions. He is probably one of the most talented people I know, and a powerful asset to any global creative/branding/online entity. Would love to work with him again or be able to contract with him for some of my clients.