Interaction Design is design for people, it help us work more efficient and provide devices in our daily life including play and entertainment.It is not only about interface, but also about behavior of people. The process of interaction design is not in one take, it is a iteration which means no design is perfect the first time it is drawn or modeled. As designer, we supported to find opportunities to improve our design, so that, this process would be continue again,and again, and there are 5 essential principles of interaction design we should follow in this process.

  1. Consistency:    consistency is not only applies to appearance and placement,but also to behavior.  In this figure, these page with same color matching and layout which is consistency in appearance.  As the aspect of behavior, control behavior of three pages are same and easy to learn, that is imitate the physical button on audio device.
  2. Perceivability: this principle is abstract to understand, it means design should provide hints and indicators to users,let people know that this may be clicked or tapped. A good interaction design must go beyond the visual and need promise that everyone can perceive the opportunity to interact with many aspects including hearing, feeling.   https://vimeo.com/70750886  this video give a excellent example about website, it can guide to control the web and it will give a enjoyable experience.Is This The Future of The Airline Website?
  3. Learnability: a good interaction design work should be easy to learn and remember. Design patterns and consistency is necessary for people to learn easily and quickly,they will transfer and apply what they will transfer and apply what they have learned elsewhere. I decide my favorite video game,Monument Valley  – The UI is entirely encapsulated in the game play via the environment. Gears, switches, buttons, foot pads, wall panels,it easy to control these switches and it will show a amazing experience including feeling and hearing.  You can download this fabulous App Game form Apple store.
  4. Predictability: A good interaction design should set accurate expectations about what will happen before the interaction has occurred. Yahoo Weather App which i use everyday is a great example,  compare with other weather App, besides the weather of today every single hour and it will tell you probability of precipitation and wind speed .In my opinion, this app has over fulfill user’s expectation.
  5. Feedback:Provided feedback when people need it is a necessary measure to improve our interaction work. When we add feedback function on our design, it should be noticeable and meaningful.  According to Weierick(2013)”Feedback allows us to answer a series of questions such as: what can we do next? or, what is our current condition or status? and even allow us to know when we have completed or have finished a certain task.” I would like to mention an annoying feedback we constantly meet when we use ipad or cellphone. when we install a new APP and some of them always force us to rate itself,and then ,we can continue use it, if not ,it will interrupt you all the time.

The interaction designer brings diverse skills to collaborate in constantly changing, challenging and innovative environments. This 5 Essential Principles of Interaction Design will help designers to modeling their design process, so that user can be provided much more stronger and completed interaction design to use.

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